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De-Stress Pillar


We all know that too much stress does not serve us to live our most joyful and productive lives.  We want to uncover our stressors and explore ways to reduce the stress in our lives.  We are also very hard on ourselves – we might say we are our worst critic.  A quote that puts this in perspective is, ‘If we treated our friends like we treat ourselves, we’d all go to jail’.  This is a reminder to cultivate self-kindness and incorporate self-care on a daily basis.  This is an important piece of the weight management puzzle. 


Another common saying is, I’ll be happy when… or I’ll start living my best life when...  It may be when you reach a certain number on a scale or fit into a certain size.  We want to work on loving ourselves unconditionally right NOW!   Accept and love yourself for who you are in this very moment - the rest will fall into place!

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