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Exercise Pillar


When most people think of exercising, they think of punishment.  It hurts, it’s not fun and they only do it to pay the price for eating too much.  Just like we explore our relationship with food, we want to explore the thoughts, feelings and beliefs about exercise.  Exercise and becoming fit and strong is not about punishment.  It’s about giving our body what it needs – our body is meant to move and stay active.


There are six components of exercise - Cardio, Resistance training, Core training, Flexibility, Balance and Agility. They all play an important role in building healthy bodies and there are countless options of how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.


Exercise is a key component of weight management.  There are studies that show people who diet without exercise lose much more muscle mass when losing weight. Of every pound lost, 31% comes from muscle.  When diet is combined with both cardio and resistance, every pound lost is 97% fat and only 3% muscle!  We want to retain and build muscle.  Among the many things muscle tissue does for us is increase our metabolism which means more effective weight management.


Regardless of your fitness level or current weight, everyone can find ways to move their bodies.  Explore what type of exercise YOU like. 

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